Battle of bavarian vs. cream cheese-filled has begun!

If last summer, you’ve delighted in the fresh flavor that is Dunkin’ Donuts melon series, then it’s time to give their new flavor a try: Cream Cheese Filled!

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Cream Cheese Filled Donuts Dunkin' Donuts
Photo from Facebook | Dunkin’

Think this will be the new contender to bavarian? Why not give it a try by having one delivered or ordering one at the store nearest you?

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Love their Iced Coffee?

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For those caffeine addicts who crave that caffeine fix from Dunkin’ Donuts daily, you probably have been in a situation where one cup of their affordable yet aromatic and “gets-the-job-done” coffee just isn’t enough.

Dunkin donuts extra-large cups
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But the good news for DD Iced Coffee fanatics is that Dunkin’ now offers extra-large cups which means you’ll never have to run short of your daily coffee fix.

dunkin donuts iced coffee extra-large cups
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The extra-large cup is a 22 oz cup for ₱90. Plus, if you’re taking a break from coffee, they also offer their Icy Choco in their extra-large cups which also goes for ₱90.

Coffee at Home?

You’ll also love the new Dunkin’ Drip Coffee! One box comes with eight sachets of 100% Arabica ground coffee, with each sachet perfect for 160 ml of water.

drip coffee
Photo from Facebook: Dunkin’

The New Dunkin’ Drip Coffee is now available for delivery in select outlets nationwide, so be sure to check with your nearest branch for availability. To order, you can download the Dunkin’ PH App or message Dunkin’s Facebook page

Keep reading for the many reasons why Dunkin’ Donuts is everyone’s favorite!

The More the Merrier

dunkin donuts
Photo from @emilijaemaa

Just look at that 6-pack perfection!

dunkin donuts
Photo from @rafcarlosaid

Love (doughnut) bites anyone?

dunkin donuts
Photo from @nicedomanog

Good things can come in small packages.

dunkin donuts
Photo from @raizelmania

If someone offers you this ring, say yes!

dunkin donuts
Photo from @cheffymitchyu

Dunkin’ also offers coffee, smoothies, sandwiches, and more!

dunkin donuts
Photo from @ruuuuthsrno

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