Two is better than one!

In celebration of Iced Coffee Day, Dunkin’ is offering buy 1 take 1 iced coffee just for today! For only P85, Dunkin’ customers will be able to get two large iced coffees.

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The promo runs for today, September 29, 2023, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. for in-store purchases only!

Photo from Facebook: Dunkin

Visit these participating branches and get your buy 1 take 1 Large Iced Coffees today!

More Dunkin’ News: Dunkin’ Cookies Exist! This is Your Sign to Try Them!

Yep! You read that right. From Dunkin’ Donuts, Dunkin’ has now expanded to serve more treats with their all-new Dunkin’ Cookies! For now, the cookies are available in two flavors: Cranberry Choco and Double Choco.

dunkin' cookies
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Each piece only costs PHP 25 and is available at any Dunkin’ store nationwide!

dunkin' cookies cranberry choco
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dunkin' cookies double choco
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These cookies are also made to be dunked! You can get a cup of 12 oz milk paired with your choice of cookie for just PHP 80!

dunkin' cookies milk and cookies
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New Butternut Flavors!

If you’re obsessed with Choco Butternut like us, then you’ll love to hear the latest offering that Dunkin’ has in store–new BTN (Butternut) donut flavors!

Introducing the Cheesy Butternut, Choco Almond Butternut, Ube Cheese Butternut, and Strawberry Butternut!

Check out this scrumptious cheesy BTN!

Photo from Facebook: Dunkin’

Choco and Almond, the best combination!

Photo from Facebook: Dunkin’

Ooh, baby! Give me some Ube Cheese BTN!

Photo from Facebook: Dunkin’

Sweet like Strawberry BTN!

Photo from Facebook: Dunkin’

Curious to try them all? Find out which is your favorite when you grab the BTN Bundle for P380!

Photo from Facebook: Dunkin’

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Also known as the Korean Garlic Cream Cheese Bun, Dunkin Donuts has finally hopped on the trend and is now offering its own version that comes with garlic, cream cheese, and parsley.

Korean Garlic Cream Cheese Dunkin' Donuts
Photo from Facebook | Dunkin’

Toasted Coco Donuts

Nothing screams summer like coconut. However, its flavor undoubtedly is still one people still look for and deem delicious all year round. That’s why, despite it being the holiday season, Dunkin Donuts has brought back their Toasted Coconut flavored donuts: Toasted Coco Strawberry and Choco Coco Toast.

Toasted Coconuts Dunkin' Donuts
Photo from Facebook | Dunkin’

Think these eats are worth a try? Then add them to your box of pasalubong to bring home or enjoy them with a cup of your favorite Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee.

ICYMI! Dunkin Donuts’ Spanish Latte!

We all know that Dunkin Donuts coffee is a staple in the metro especially when we need a drink to pair with our favorite donuts. And even though we already have a variety of coffee drinks to choose from their menu, they’ve decided to add one more for those who want a balance of sweet and creamy.

Introducing Dunkin’ Donuts Spanish Latte, “a mix of bold espressos and condensada”, you can get iced or hot for only ₱100.

Spanish Latte from Dunkin' Donuts
Photo from Facebook | Dunkin’ Donuts

If you haven’t tried condensed milk with espresso and you love your coffee not as bitter as an Americano or not as sweet as a Vanilla Latte, then this may just be your ideal drink. So, why not order a cup?

Keep reading for the many reasons why Dunkin’ Donuts is everyone’s favorite!

The More the Merrier

dunkin donuts
Photo from @emilijaemaa

Just look at that 6-pack perfection!

dunkin donuts
Photo from @rafcarlosaid

Love (doughnut) bites anyone?

dunkin donuts
Photo from @nicedomanog

Good things can come in small packages.

dunkin donuts
Photo from @raizelmania

If someone offers you this ring, say yes!

dunkin donuts
Photo from @cheffymitchyu

Dunkin’ also offers coffee, smoothies, sandwiches, and more!

dunkin donuts
Photo from @ruuuuthsrno

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