Coffee is a non-negotiable even during vacations!

Coffee lovers/addicts will agree that coffee is a non-negotiable no matter where you are. Sometimes, just grabbing a cup of joe or two is suddenly a trip in itself.

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When you do find yourself in La Union, you need not worry about getting your fix because even the Surfing Capital of Northern Philippines is packed with plenty of coffee shops for you to choose from. Here are some spots to help you get started!

Stream of Consciousness – Port San Juan

You’ll find SOC as soon as you reach the iconic steps of Port San Juan. This hip new cafe is celebrity Maris Racal’s brainchild and melds good food, coffee, and music with its warm and inviting atmosphere.

stream of consciousness la union
Photo from Mic Cbtu

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Clean Beach – MacArthur Highway

Clean Beach is born from the creators’ passion for food and love for the environment. This eco-friendly spot serves fresh produce from their organic farm, switched to solar power, and takes serious responsibility for keeping the beach clean. They take it to heart to cook delicious, soulful food you can enjoy with a beautiful sea view.

clean beach la union cereal milk and orange coffee
Photo from @cleanbeachco

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134 National Highway, Brgy. Urbiztondo 2514 San Juan

Dal-luyon Cafe

Dal-luyon Cafe is proudly owned by one of the visionary co-founders of the Tam-awan Gallery in the picturesque city of Baguio. It effortlessly exudes the same captivating blend of artistry, local essence, and commitment to sustainability. So if you’re on the hunt for a generous serving of delicious coffee, local cuisine, and a slice of art visit Dal-Luyon as the place is adorned with an array of masterpieces crafted by talented local artists.

dal-luyon cafe la union
Photo from @DalluyonCafe | Ivan Tiamzon

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Timpla Homemade Cafe – Urbiztondo

Timpla, located at Tavern by the Sea, invites you to savor artisanal coffee by the beach. Their menu consists of quality handcrafted coffee, non-coffee drinks, and their homemade treats, which all paired with a scenic view make for the perfect midday break.

timpla homemade cafe la union tavern by the sea
Photo from Timpla Homemade Cafe

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0956 941 3499

The Coffee Library – Urbiztondo

The Coffee Library is a spacious, travel-inspired cafe that gives visitors a taste of Vietnam. From banh mi sandwiches ca phe and egg coffee, you’ll love it here. 

the coffee library la union interior
Photo from @thecoffeelibrarysjlu

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Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union
2514 San Juan, La Union
(0917) 503-7962

LUfika Cafe – Urbiztondo

LUfika Cafe is a small garage café located in the center of Surftown, La Union where you can have a good quiet time with friends and family.

lufika cafe la union
Photo from @elyufika

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La Gula – Fatwave Surf Resort

Located in the vibrant and hip Fatwave Surf Resort, La Gula’s picturesque and cozy ambiance fit right at home in the popular beach resort. Be sure not to miss their selection of indulgent and crave-worthy desserts and pastries as well as signature drinks, you might just regret it!

la gula desserts and coffee la union fatwave surf resort
Photo from @lagula_desserts

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(0995) 824 1300

Irugi Coffee – Maria Cristina

The minimalistic interior design of Irgui Coffee will reel you right in but you’ll definitely stay for their drinks! Apart from their selection of espresso-based drinks which are sourced from Bodega Coffee, their coffee roasters of choice, they also have sweet treats with plant-based and vegan options too!

irugi coffee la union matcha dirty matcha latte
Photo from @irugicoffee

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Irugi Coffee Building, Maria Cristina, La Union

El Union Coffee – MacArthur Highway

El Union is the go-to cafe in San Juan. Making use of premium beans, they’re dedicated to serving only the finest-quality beverages in the North. Aside from their food, you need to try their Dirty Horchata!

el union coffee
Photo from @elunion

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Kilometre 274 MacArthur Highway, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

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