The best restaurants and the most sulit deals—it’s all on Booky!

Anyone can be a foodie with the help of Booky—your ultimate guide to the best food spots and crave-worthy restaurants all over Metro Manila. But more than finding delicious eats, Booky is the most sulit way to get your money’s worth, with hundreds of offers to enjoy!

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Now, with the new and improved Booky, your food trips are bound to get more exciting. Curious about how to make the most out of Booky? Read on to discover the exciting features and perks awaiting you at your fingertips when you download Booky!

What is Booky?

Booky is your one-stop app for all things food. As a discovery and deals platform, Booky gives you dining options, provides accurate and relevant information about restaurants, and promotes value-for-money offers.

Say goodbye to hours of deciding where and what to eat—with Booky, you can easily find the flavors and feasts that your appetite craves without having to break the bank!

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How to Use Booky for Your Next Food Trip

1. Download Booky

There’s a whole foodiverse out there waiting for you to discover and it starts by downloading Booky! The best part is? You can download the app for free on iPhone or Android to start your food trip around the top restaurants and the most sulit offers around Metro Manila!

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2. Find restaurant recommendations

Ever had a hard time deciding where to eat? Let Booky help you narrow down your options! With Booky, you can search hundreds of restaurants based on their price, location, cuisine type, dish specialties, or all of the above.

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Find all kinds of restaurants that can fit your different moods, budgets, and occasions. On Booky, you’ll find selections of restaurants with the best offers, bundle meals perfect with Pepsi, and budget-friendly options when you’re on tipid mode!

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You may also find helpful articles in the Booky Guide where you can read about the Top 10 restaurants of the different cities in Metro Manila, the best places to dine for romantic dates or special occasions, trending cuisines and spots, and so much more!

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3. Get all the information you need

With Booky’s directory, you can search for all the information about your favorite restaurants. Look up a restaurant’s menu, branches, discounts and promos, and other details that can make your dining experience better. 

All information in our directory comes directly from the restaurants, so you can be sure that everything is accurate and up to date.

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4. Redeem sulit deals and discounts

Enjoy lots—and we mean lots—of savings when you redeem deals and discounts from Booky

If you previously subscribed to Booky Prime, then you may have already enjoyed Buy 1 Get 1 promos and big discounts from our partner restaurants. Now, you can still redeem sulit deals and discounts without needing to subscribe. It’s like unlocking a world of savings—for free!

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More incredible promos await when you use your UnionBank card to pay. You can enjoy discounts of up to 45% off from Certified Booky’s Best restaurants! 

Simply link your UnionBank credit or debit card to collect discount vouchers and exclusive offers, then scan the Booky QR code to pay when you dine in at the store.

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For more convenient payment, you can also pay with GCash. Simply scan the QR code with your phone camera or the Booky app to claim exclusive rewards and offers.

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Discover Your Next Food Adventure with Booky!

Whether you’re searching for hidden gems and hole-in-the-wall eateries or curious to try trendy spots and must-try restaurants, Booky will help you appease your appetite. 

Navigate Metro Manila’s food scene with Booky, your deals and discovery companion, to get the best restaurant recommendations, restaurant information, and sulit deals and promos.

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