They’re back at it and we’re not mad.

Black Scoop won’t stop and honestly, we’re not mad. You might be thinking, Another flavor?” and while we’re thinking the same thing, we’re still going to try it anyway. Mostly because their new and nostalgic ice cream flavors transport us back to our childhood days (and they’re delicious).

This time around, Black Scoop is taking us back to when we’d have this chocolate malt snack after P.E. or after playing Chinese garter with the kids in our neighborhood (because our moms said they had vitamins). And while they do, that’s not why we finished a whole pack in one sitting.

Ovaltine Soft-Serve Ice Cream

You might recall that Black Scoop came out with the Ovaltine Soft-Serve, topped with the famous chocolate malt biscuit. Available also with a variety of sauces, candies for crunch, and sinkers, the nostalgic soft-serve flavor made waves a few months ago.

140 for plain
160 with Crunch
Ovaltine Soft Serve from Black Scoop
Photo from @mikegelacio

’90s kids will be happy to hear that the Ovaltine Soft-Serve isn’t the only thing on the menu!

Ovaltine Cream Cheese Crunch

With a thick layer of cream cheese on top, the familiar and rich flavor of the this childhood chocolate drink is going to leave you wanting more. And plus, the add-ons will only make the Ovaltine Cream Cheese Crunch better!

140 for plain
155 with Crunch
black scoop cafe ovaltine
Photo from Black Scoop Cafe

Iced Ovaltine Crunch Drink

One thing that Black Scoop always remembers: go back to the basics. If you can’t perfect a simple yet amazing soft-serve, who’s to say you can make a complex soft-serve? In the same vein, this Ovaltine series comes with an Iced Ovaltine Crunch Drink, a simple but rich, exquisite reminder of how rich Ovaltine made our childhood!

Price: 120

These Ovaltine desserts will all be available on January 10! Here’s to all the ’90s kids! For more on the latest scoop with Black Scoop’s soft serve ice cream flavors, check out their Facebook page.

black scoop cafe ovaltine
Photo from @blackscoopcafeph

Black Scoop Café

The team behind Infinitea has created an expansive and inviting coffee shop that offers additions to their already impressive line up of milk tea. They have a variety of coffee based drinks, all day breakfast meals, and snacks.

Among Black Scoop Cafe's past creations are the first White Rabbit Soft Serve, Yakult Soft Serve, Cherry Blossom Soft Serve, and Melona Honeydew-Flavored Soft Serve, One-Gallon Milk Tea, Ghirardelli Chocolate!
Black Scoop Café
Photo from Booky
Black Scoop Café Tables
Photo from Booky
Black Scoop Different Beans
Photo from Booky

Looking for something sweet for you or for you and a friend? Check out their offers with Booky!

Classic Milk Tea Swirl with One Topping

Price: Buy 1 Get 1 for ₱135 ₱270!
Classic Milk Tea Swirl with Topping from Black Scoop Cafe
Photo from Booky

Milk tea > Soft Serve for you? Check this out:

Taro Milk Tea

Price: Buy 1 Get 1 for ₱100 ₱100!
Photo from Booky

Iced Cherry Blossom

Price: Buy 1 Get 1 for ₱240 ₱120!
Photo from Booky

Large Hazelnut Milk Tea

Price: Two (2) orders for only ₱200 ₱140!
Photo from Booky

Large Okinawa Milk Tea

Price: Two (2) orders for only ₱240 ₱168!
Photo from Booky

Large Wintermelon Milk Tea

Price: Two (2) orders for only ₱240 ₱168!
Photo from Booky

Wintermelon Milk Tea

Price: Buy 1 Get 1 for ₱110 ₱220!
2 Small size Black Scoop Milktea
Photo from Booky

Thai Milk Tea

Price: ₱99 ₱110!
Thai Milk Tea from Black Scoop Cafe
Photo from Booky

Tea/ Fruit Tea > Milk Tea for you? Check this out:

House Special Brew

Price: ₱90 ₱105!
House Special Brew from The Black Scoop

Peach Lychee Fruit Tea

Price: ₱90 ₱105!

To claim your BOGOs from Black Scoop Café just follow the steps below:

Peach Lychee Fruit Tea from Black Scoop
Photo from Booky
  1. Download Booky’s app and sign up for a free trial
  2. Pick a coupon to avail
  3. Scan the QR code at the counter

Read on for more unique flavors from Black Scoop

Nutella Swirl Soft-Serve Ice Cream

It’s time to spread the word because Black Scoop’s latest soft-serve ice cream is everyone’s favorite spread. You might have already smeared it on some pancakes or maybe, you’ve eaten it straight out of the jar. Either way, you’ll finally get to try out this popular chocolate-hazelnut spread in the form of indulgent soft-serve ice cream.

Nuttela Spread

Introducing: Black Scoop’s Nutella Swirl. Although the release date of their Nutella Swirl hasn’t been announced, you’ll be excited to know that you can try their classic flavor very soon.

Nutella Swirl
Photo from Facebook | hungryherl

We can’t wait for this Nutella Swirl to be on our list of favorite Black Scoop soft-serves! For more updates, check out their Facebook page.

Swiss Miss Soft-Serve Ice Cream

Black Scoop’s at it once again with their latest soft-serve ice cream flavor and honestly, it’s taking us back. From White Rabbit to Nido, Black Scoop’s been brewing up some nostalgic flavors reminiscent of our younger days.

And for anyone wondering which childhood snack (or perhaps, beverage) Black Scoop has up their sleeves, here’s a hint: this one’s usually topped with mini marshmallows, served warm, and perfect for Christmas mornings.

Swiss Miss Black scoop Ice Cream
Photo from @blackscoopcafeph

Got a guess? Well, Black Scoop’s bringing out the big guns with one of our childhood favorites⁠— the popular hot cocoa mix, Swiss Miss! Since Christmas is right around the corner, we can’t think of any other flavor better than Swiss Miss to fill us up with fond memories.

Price: ₱120 for Plain Cup

Add some marshmallows (+₱20) and Choco Fudge sauce (+₱20), and experience a blast to the past like no other. Don’t Swiss Miss out on Black Scoop’s new flavor (we tried). For more updates and new flavors, check out Black Scoop’s Facebook page.

Milk Tea x Chicken Poppers

What ties the milk tea experience together? The snacks, of course! And since milk tea hails from Taipei, Taiwan natives created a salty and savory snack that complements the sweet concoction perfectly— the very popular Taiwanese Chicken Poppers.

Black Scoop Cafe Milk Tea
Photo from Booky

For those looking for a solid treat to pair with your milk tea, look no further, because a popular café in Metro Manila is serving up some Taiwanese chicken poppers to go with their classic milk tea selections.

Black Scoop Milk Tea with a combination of chicken poppers and chips
Photo from 施易成

You guessed it: There’s no need to skip out on some bite-sized munchies, because Black Scoop Café has an innovative solution to your milk tea and snacking needs! The soft-serve and milk tea purveyor has created snack cups that you can place on top of your drink, so you can still sip on your milk tea while nibbling on chicken poppers.

P.S. It’s the perfect treat for people on-the-go.

Wintermelon milk tea with chicken poppers on top
Photo from Facebook | blackscoopcafe

So, how about that? The milk tea experience has never been this great, especially if you need a quick pick-me-up. For more information, check out Black Scoop Café’s Facebook page.

Nido Soft-Serve Ice Cream

When it comes to trendy but tasty soft-serve flavors, Black Scoop has changed the game for frozen desserts everywhere. With new and nostalgic ice cream flavors like Milk Tea, White Rabbit, Melona, and Yakult, and so much more, it’s always an exciting time when a new one arrives.

But Black Scoop Cafe has outdone itself this time with the biggest throwback ever.

nido soft serve ice cream black scoop cafe
Photo from Black Scoop Cafe

Yup, Nestlé’s Nido Powdered Milk! Anyone who grew up with this milk brand knows its simple but sweet and fragrant taste. While it’s essentially “Nutritious Milk for Growing Kids,” it doesn’t mean adults can still enjoy it – and Black Scoop is here to prove that.

We’re still waiting for more details, but you can find more information in their Facebook page. Get ready to pile on all their amazing toppings (or even boba) on this nostalgic treat!

Ghirardelli Frozen Hot Cocoa Soft-Serve Ice Cream

With this ultra premium and sweet flavor, us Ghirardelli chocolate lovers can’t deny that we’re in love with the cocoa.

black scoop, chocolate, hot cocoa, ice cream, milk tea
Photo from Black Scoop Cafe
black scoop, chocolate, hot cocoa, ice cream, milk tea
Photo from Black Scoop Cafe

This is not a drill. Ghirardelli Chocolate graces the secret ice cream menu of Black Scoop. Available only at their Maginhawa branch for now!

View menu
Avail at participating branches
View their Instagram account

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