Unearth Chinatown’s hidden gems in your next food crawl!

Chinese cuisine has long been a staple for many Filipinos and if you ask any local where to find authentic Chinese restaurants, Binondo is a sure-fire answer.

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There’s just something about this part of Manila that attracts us so… from the charming small roads to some of the corners seemingly untouched by time and of course, the many eating places (and most have been around since our grandparents were kids!) that are just waiting for us to discover.

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If you love Chinese food and can’t wait to sink your teeth into favorites like Hakaw, Sweet & Sour Pork, Peking Duck, and many many more, we’ve rounded up some of the best-kept secrets in Binondo so save this map and scroll away for a full list and plan your food trip accordingly!

Note: Prices may change without prior notice

The Great Buddha Cafe – Ongpin

The Great Buddha Cafe along Ongpin street once again opens its doors to its patrons. Lots of new dishes to love. “Good Food, Good Luck!”

Recommended dish: Pork and Shrimp Siomai, Beef Tendon Claypot Rice

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2/F 628 Ongpin St., Binondo, Manila
(02) 8288-8881 loc. 129

Quick-Snack – Carvajal

A little but definitely must-try snack joint found in a street market called Carvajal Street. This well-loved resto was founded way back in 1967, and until today, it serves homey, straightforward comfort food that champions Indonesian-Chinese cuisine.

Recommended dish: Original Fresh Lumpia, Kuchay Ah, Oyster Roll
Quik Snack
Photo from Quik Snack

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637 Carvajal St, Binondo, Manila
(0961) 700-8758

Awi’s Cafe & Restaurant – E.T. Yuchengco (formerly Nueva)

A modern Chinese cafe, Awi’s is definitely one of Binondo’s best eats. Their dishes are perfect for your family’s salo-salo, as their servings always come in big plates and in big flavors!

Recommended dish: Pata Bihon, Stuffed Shrimp, Salt and Pepper Squid
Awi’s Cafe & Restaurant
Photo from @awiscafe

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520 ET Yuchengco St, Binondo, Manila
(02) 8241-2961; (02) 8241-7383

Chuan Kee Fastfood – Ongpin

Standing as the oldest fastfood in Chinatown, Chuan Kee Fastfood is the home of the best kiampong, maki, gokhong, and lechon kawali. Their menu features a wide array of Chinoy favorites, including Spring Rolls, Patatim, and fried Chicken!

Recommended dish: Kiam Pong, Pork Maki Mi

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650 Ongpin St, Binondo, Manila
(02) 8241-9999; (0917) 718-9901

Discover more restos

Tasty Dumplings – Norberto Ty (formerly Condesa)

Tasty Dumplings may be a small joint, but their serving of pork chops are definitely big! These pork chops are bigger than your palms and it comes with a signature chili sauce. And did we mention that their dumplings are simply delectable?

Recommended dish: Pork Chop Rice, Fried Dumplings
Photo from @mommyciahciah

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641 Norberto Ty (formerly Condesa) St, Binondo, Manila
(02) 8242-5195; (02) 8242-0231

Dong Bei Dumplings – E.T. Yuchengco (formerly Nueva)

Done Bei Dumplings is no doubt one of the most popular dumpling house in the area. You can even watch the staff wrap them all day!

Recommended dish: Kuchay Dumpling

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642 ET Yuchengco St., Binondo, Manila
(02) 8241-8912

Shanghai Fried Siopao – Ongpin

An easy-to-miss food pork bun stall amidst the busy Ongpin Street, it’s one of the most affordable and delicious food you can eat on the streets or take home to your family.

Recommended dish: Of course... their fried siopao!
Photo from @gomanila

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828 Ongpin Street corner Bahama Street 1008 Manila
(02) 8734-0886

Lan Zhou La Mien – Masangkay St.

Roughly translated, “lamian” means pulled noodles and as in its name, you can expect all kinds of pulled noodle dishes in Lan Zhou La Mien! Need we also mention that they’re affordable for their servings?

Recommended dish: Sinigang Spareribs Kamote noodles, La Mien, Steamed Dumplings

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134 Masangkay Street, in front of Metropolitan Hospital
(0917) 826-6888

Wai Ying Fastfood – Benavidez

If you haven’t heard of this dim sum joint yet, now is the time you should! Wai Ying Fastfood is Chinatown’s well-loved dim sum house, always packed with customers who usually enjoy hakaw, siomai, and dumplings!

Recommended dish: Their assortment of dim sums and dumplings, as well as congee

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810 Benavidez St., Binondo, Manila
0956 835 7763 | 8 242 0310

Masuki – Benavidez

Seeking comfort food? Head over to Masuki, a famous mami house best known for its siopao and chicken noodle soup paired with its secret signature sauce.

Recommended dish: Chicken/Asado Mami, Siomai, Siopao
Photo from @yocatgirl

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929 Benavidez St., Binondo Manila
(02) 8243-2674; (02) 8244-0745

Add These Spots to Your Binondo EAT-inerary!

Ling Nam – T. Alonzo

Ling Nam is one of the most popular noodle houses in the area and has long been around dating back to the 1950s!

Recommended dish: Beef wanton noodles
Photo from @mendozasese

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616 T. Alonzo Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila City
(0968) 324-9292; (0949) 983-4431

Kim Hiong Food Garden – Ongpin

Kim Hiong Food Garden is an old dai pai dong type of restaurant which means open-air food stalls. This spot is best known for its stir-fried noodle dishes that are drenched thick, savory, sauce that’s guaranteed to be packed with flavor and love!

Recommended dish: Beef Shrimp Fried Noodle, Steamed Tofu
KIM HIONG Food Garden
Photo from KIM HIONG Food Garden

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1028 Ongpin St, Binondo, Manila
(0995) 494-2521

LGA Fast Food – Estero – Ongpin

If you love eating in the middle of a crowd, where you can take in various sights and sounds from your surroundings, visit LGA Fast Food. It’s a canteen-style Fastfood situated in the heart of Ongpin beside an Estero, meaning canal.

Recommended dish: Fried Garlic Frog Legs
LGA Fastfood
Photo from LGA Fastfood

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Ongpin St., Binondo, Manila
09178158228 | 0276244028

Ying Ying Tea House – Yuchengco

Expect long lines when you visit Ying Ying Tea house, but don’t worry, the delicious and affordable food is certainly worth the wait. Their menu offers everything you can want from congee, dumplings, noodle dishes, rice meals, and other Chinese faves!

Recommended dish: Japanese Siomai, Spareribs Tausi, and Chicken Feet
Ying Ying tea House
Photo from Facebook: Ying Ying tea House

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233-235 Dasmarinas st. corner Yuchengo st. Binondo
(02) 5310-9031; (02) 8241-6323; (0922) 811-9451

Cafe Mezzanine – Ongpin

If you’re tired from walking around the streets of Chinatown, stop by Cafe Mezzanine and treat yourself to traditional Chinese dishes that are guaranteed to be delicious. Their spot may be quaint, but the setting is vibrant–perfect for casual hangouts!

Recommended dish: Special Patatim, Kiampong, Xiao Long Bao
Cafe Mezzanine
Photo from Facebook: Cafe Mezzanine

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650 Ongpin 1006 Binondo
(02) 8241-9999

Lord Stow’s Bakery – Ongpin

You can’t visit Binondo without having a taste of these famous egg tarts by Lord Stow’s bakery. Best eaten when warm, these egg tarts are creamy, tasty, and irresistable.

Recommended dish: Signature egg tarts
Lord Stow's Bakery PH
Photo from Facebook: Lord Stow’s Bakery PH

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(02) 8247-3305

Sincerity Cafe – Quintin Paredes

Sincerity Cafe is a hole-in-the-wall foodie spot in Binondo that has been serving their signature Chinese-style fried chicken for years. They offer straight-up authentic Chinese dishes that hit the spot every time.

Recommended dish: Chinese style fried chicken, 8 Treasures Machang
Sincerity Cafe
Photo from Facebook: Sincerity Cafe
Sincerity Cafe
Photo from Facebook: Sincerity Cafe

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519 Quintin Paredes st. Binondo
(02) 8241-9991; (02) 8241-9990

Eng Bee Tin – Ongpin

When it comes to the best hopia, tikoy, and other Chinese delicacies, Eng Bee Tin is the spot! They have an assortment of flavors to traditional Chinese pastries and dishes, and for sure, you’ll want to add all of them to your cart!

Recommended dish: Hopia, Tikoy, Ube Pao, Moon cakes
Eng Bee Tin
Photo from Facebook: Eng Bee Tin

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628 Ongpin Street Binondo, Manila
(632) 8288-8888 or (632) 8241-9999

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