Malupet pa sa malupet – BINI Colet

It’s BINI month this June, and as the nation’s girl group holds their concert at the New Frontier Theatre, we at Booky wanted to share in the festivities.

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One of the things many Blooms love about BINI is the strong personalities of each member. From Maloi the OA to Colet as Anger, BINI as a girl group is wildly unserious (like this list), and we love them for it!

Since Booky is all about finding and discovering delicious food, we wanted to share with you which restaurants remind us of our favorite BINI members. So strap in and follow along (to the footprints in the sand) to find out which BINI members are your favorite restaurants.

BINI members as restaurants we love

Jhoanna as Recovery Food

Starting this list is Jhoanna, the leader of the most popular girl group in the country. Tasked with being a pillar of guidance for the other members of BINI, Jhoanna is the most reliable, despite being one of the youngest. She commands a lot of respect from the other members and also knows when to have fun!

In the same way, Recovery Food is a beacon of light for many nightlife enthusiasts in Metro Manila. Serving comfort food late into the night and early morning, Recovery Food is one of the best places to nurse a hangover or simply enjoy a nice meal at night.

Photo from Booky

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Aiah as llaollao

Aiah of BINI first started as a trainee at Star Hunt Academy before joining the group. She admitted that her skills were initially not on par with her peers. However, through her tough personality and unwavering attitude, she managed to secure a spot in what is now the most popular group in the Philippines.

llaollao was once just a couple of stalls strong before the pandemic, but over time, it has blossomed into one of the most popular yogurt stalls in the country. Similar to BINI’s Aiah, llaollao achieved its current success. Indeed, ‘buhay ay ‘di karera.’

Photo from llao llao Philippines

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Colet as Caution Hot!

Affectionately called ‘Anger’ by Blooms, Colet is not one to have her buttons pressed! Whether it’s during a live performance or when other BINI members are teasing her, Colet will let you know when she’s not amused. This is all in good fun, though—it might be Colet’s way of showing us fans her affection! So, don’t push her buttons… or do, because it really is funny.

Like BINI’s Colet, Caution Hot! embodies a fiery spirit (but in a good way). Serving spicy Szechuan soup, Caution Hot! challenges you to come with courage and a willingness to try their spicy treats. You’ll come to enjoy all of its authentic Chinese flavors!

Photo from Caution Hot!

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Gwen as Concordia Cafe

The certified cool, nonchalant girl of BINI, Gwen is the antithesis of Maloi’s over-the-top personality. In many of BINI’s antics, Gwen can be seen chilling on the sidelines, quietly assessing Maloi’s rendition of Dante Gulapa. Like many of us, Gwen represents our empty social battery.

Concordia Cafe is a quiet spot located in the south. Like Gwen, it boasts a pretty aesthetic with its minimalist vibe. If you’re looking to post cool candid pics on your Instagram, then Concordia Cafe is the place to be.

concordia's cafe interiors bf homes
Photo from Concordia Cafe

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106 Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Maloi as The Fat Seed Cafe + Roastery

Often the loudest in the room, Maloi stands out like a sore thumb. Whether it’s her outfits that blend classic styles with modern looks or her changing the tone of ‘Salamin, Salamin‘ mid-performance, her quirkiness never ends!

Similar to Maloi, The Fat Seed Cafe + Roastery has its own brand of uniqueness, from its funky graffiti wall art to its fusion menu that combines popular aspects of different dishes. Coffee or cocktails? Chicken and waffles or Japanese pasta? Fat Seed Cafe will keep you guessing with its next move.

Photo from Joyce Tseng

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Mikha as FEI FEI by Choi Garden

Arguably one of the most popular members of BINI, Mikha definitely stands out, especially with her red hair! FEI FEI by Choi Garden is similar, as it is one of the new and upcoming restaurants in the Metro. A new concept by Choi Garden, Fei Fei is trendy and viral, with great food to back it up—just like its BINI counterpart, Mikha.

fei fei by choi garden radish cake dim sum
Photo from @feifeibychoigarden

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Sheena as Ramen Nagi

The youngest of BINI, Sheena is the ‘bunso’ that everyone dotes on. While there isn’t a specific restaurant that I could attribute to Sheena, Ramen Nagi’s kiddie meal fits the bill perfectly!

Ramen Nagi’s kiddie meal comes with karaage and rice, as well as a small bowl of ramen, ensuring our favorite BINI ‘bunso’ stays malusog. The meal also includes free ice cream, something every kid loves.

Photo from Ramen Nagi

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Stacey as Bizu

With a love for all things pink, BINI’s Stacey definitely reminds us of Bizu! The cafe is colorful, well-lit, and beautifully adorned with cakes and pastries. Bizu is perfect for afternoon tea and making chika with the besties. This is a cafe where I wouldn’t be surprised to see BINI’s Stacey.

bizu tea

Photo from Bizu

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