Order taco or noodles, move on to lobster rolls, and finish with donuts!

With over 21 stalls to choose from, there’s definitely no shortage of good food at The Grid Food Market. But while presented with an abundance of options, navigating The Grid Food Market can be quite difficult, particularly when it comes to deciding on what to eat. 

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So if you find yourself scouring the place for some good chow, ignore the crowds and head straight to these stalls. In no particular order, here’s a quick guide to the best stalls at The Grid Food Market.

Kodawari – Stall 17

Kodawari, one of Salcedo Village’s most-loved Japanese restaurant, now has a pop-up store at The Grid! From October 1 to January 15, 2024, they will be serving their signature gyudon, shroomdon, chashudon bowls and more!

What to order: Gyudon, Shroomdon, Chashudon, Spicy Salmon, Chilimansi

Photo from Facebook: Kodawari
Photo by Darleen Sy | Booky

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Le Chon – Stall 5

Get your fill of Filipino roast pork, lechon manok, tuna belly, angus beef belly, and lechon sisig here at Le Chon. Starting at P385 for their le chon dishes, you can choose from flavors such as original, tanglad butter, sugar cane gata, and truffle at bawang!

What to order: Original Le Chon Porchetta, Tanglad Butter Gourmet Lechon Manok, Truffle at Bawang Le Chon Angus Beef Bellykoda

Photo from Facebook: The Grid Food Market

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La Chinesca – Stall 10

La Chinesca is a Mexican concept by Chef Bruce Ricketts that is located on the same street in BF Homes where he first made his mark on the local culinary scene with his intimate degustation nook, Sensei Sushi

If you can’t make the drive down South, they have a second branch at The Grid Food Market where you can enjoy fresh tacos of all kinds like Tripitas (made with beef intestines), Uni Tacos, as well as meaty vegan options.

What to order: Uni Tacos, Tuna Tostada, Vegan Birria, and Horchata

la chinesca vegan hits
Photo from @lachinesca

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Gochugang – Stall 6

Gochugang has got your back (and belly) when it comes to all things Korean! Apart from their irresistible chicken wings, they also have rice bowls, bibimbap sets, noodles, soups, and bento meals! Their Boneless Korean Fried Chicken comes in flavors like Sweet Soy Garlic, Gochujang Chili, Miso Honey, Fire Chili, and Sesame Salt & Pepper.

What to order: Beef Bulgogi Rice Bowl, Beef Ribeye Bibimbap, Boneless Korean Fried Chicken

gochugang kimchi rice bowl
Photo from @gochugangph

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Bun Appetit – Stall 18

Famous for its luxurious lobster rolls, Bun Appetit also sells a number of seafood dishes like shrimp grilled cheese and garlic noodles that will surely satisfy your shellfish cravings.

What to order: Garlic Noodles and Lobster Roll

bunappetit lobster roll shrimp cheese roll garlic noodles
Photo from @bunappetitph

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Pilya’s Kitchen – Stall 11

Specializing in hand-pulled biang biang noodles, Pilya’s Kitchen is the brainchild of Chef Kriza Palmero. Applying her knowledge from working at Very Fresh Noodles, a popular biang biang noodle store in NYC’s Chelsea Market, Chef Palmero creates flavorful and lip-smacking dishes made to provide the utmost comfort.

What to order: Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup and Spicy Vegan Dan Dan Noodles

pilya's kitchen vegan dan dan noodles
Photo from @pilyaskitchenph

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0917 707 7459

Bad Bird – Stall 14

Bad Bird is a restaurant that specializes in deep-fried chicken that’s flavored with umami spices and served with sides like waffles, dirty rice, and hush puppies.

What to order: Umami Fried Chicken Skin and Torched Corn and Cream Cheese

bad bird
Photo from @bitebadbird

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(02) 7753-9729

China Mommy – Stall 16

The newest addition to The Grid Food Market, at China Mommy, you can get an array of mouthwatering Chinese dishes from their bestselling D.I.Y. Chinese lumpia, Misua to Sotanghon Crab, and even Fortune Bags. Lucky for vegans and vegetarians as they also cater to these specific diets.

What to order: Truffle Fortune Bags, Sotanghon Crab, and Chinese Lumpia

china mommy fortune bags
Photo from China Mommy

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(0917) 514 8540

Poison Coffee & Doughnuts – Stall 20 (Workshop)

Dangerous Coffee and Deadly Doughnuts, this spot will take your tastebuds to places that it’s never been before. They serve out-of-the-box creations like White Chocolate Cheetos, Garam Masala, and Hazelnut Blue Cheese whose names tickle the brain and excite the appetite.

What to order: Champorada, Garam Masala, Hazelnut Blue Cheese, and Blueberry Glaze

Poison Coffee & Doughnuts
Photo from Facebook: Poison Coffee & Doughnuts

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0917 703 0729

Bad Habits – Stall 1

Feeling a special kind of thirst that calls for a delicious alchoholic bev? Treat yourself to a different kinds of wines, beers, and other alcoholic drinks at Bad Habits and pair your drink with their selection of cold cuts, too!

What to order: Red wine, White Wine, Engkanto Beer

Photo by Janina Chua | Booky

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2/F The Grid Food Market, Stall 1, Rockwell Dr, Power Plant Mall, Poblacion, Makati

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