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Quezon City is the largest city in the Metro. There are many things to see and do, with new restaurants and bars opening up every day. Whether you’re a student looking to let loose after an exam or a young professional celebrating payday, a chillnuman surrounded by friends, good food, and drinks is always something to look forward to.

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Read on for a list of the best bars in Quezon City perfect for any type of inuman, from chill drinking to full-on dance parties, and more!

Drunken Pig Gastropub

Perfect for when you’re both hungry for food and alcohol, Drunken Pig Gastropub is where you bring your friends to share classic Filipino dishes. We recommend trying the crispy pata, sisig, and bourbon ribs that all pair well with a cold bucket of beer.

Photo by Drunken Pig Gastropub

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Holy Spirit Dr, The Rock Lifestyle Hub, Holy Spirit, Quezon City, Metro Manila 

Nikki’s Gastropub

For a fun night of dancing, beer pong, and drinks head to Nikki’s Gastropub located in Project 8. We recommend trying the sizzling tofu, pork belly sliders, and fish and chips.

Photo from Nikki’s Gastropub

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158 Congressional Ave, Congressional, Project 8, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Pepper Tree Foods

When heading to Pop Up in Katipunan, don’t forget to try Pepper Tree Foods, the only Indian restaurant in the area. Try their take on the classic sisig, as well as the butter chicken, roti, and buttered lentils.

Photo from PepperTreeFoods

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Xavierville Ave cor Katipunan Ave, The Pop Up Katipunan, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Pepeton’s Grill and Catering

Another restaurant serving classic Filipino dishes perfect for big groups, go to Pepeton’s on an empty stomach. We recommend trying fried chicken, pig’s head, sinigang na salmon, and more!

pepeton's grill food
Photo from Max Marquez | Booky

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109 Mother Ignacia St cor Sct Borromeo St, Tomas Morato, South Triangle, Quezon City

Tadeo Filipino-Mexican Comfort Food

Mexican and Filipino food lend well to a cold beer, coming from our Spanish influences. Try a combination of Mexican dishes with Filipino flavors from sisig tacos, to sinigang burritos, and more!

Photo from Tadeo Filipino-Mexican Comfort Food

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62 Sgt Esguerra Ave, The Ignacia Place, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

The Smokeyard

If you’re in the mood for Tex-Mex cuisine, head to The Smokeyard for Texas-sized grilled meats. Bring your friends and get a platter of pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken wings, and spare ribs, alongside delicious side dishes.

Photo from the Smokeyard

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93 Sct Delgado St, Poblacion, Diliman, Diliman, Quezon City

Free Cut

Located in front of the Ateneo campus, Free Cut is just a hop, skip, and jump away for those with heavy hearts after a tough exam, an ill-prepared oral, or a long day of school. Their rice bowls and finger food are affordable, making them accessible to students.

Photo from Free Cut Katipunan

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Unit D, F Dela Rosa St (behind Regis Center) , Jogar Building, Katipunan, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Pub.liq Gastropub

A staple gastropub for the nearby office workers, expect Pub.liq Gastropub to be very full at night, especially on Fridays. This QC bar serves everything from all-day breakfast to pizza, pasta, steaks, and more!

Photo from Pub.liq Gastropub

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10/F, 62 Sgt. Esguerra Ave, The Ignacia Place, Mother Ignacia, Diliman, Quezon City

Funki Izakaya

Located at the Pop Up in Katipunan, Funki Izakaya is one long strip that includes Funki Pizzikaya. While you can order from both, Funki Izakaya specializes in grilled yakitori like chicken, wagyu, quail egg skewers, as well as takoyaki!

Photo from Funki Izakaya

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273 Xavierville Ave cor Katipunan Ave, The Pop Up Katipunan, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Funki Pizzikaya

Also located in Pop Up, Funki Pizzikaya is connected to Funki Izakaya. This Pop Up bar serves different types of pizzas with a variety of toppings, as well as mixed alcoholic drinks, specializing in soju mixes!

Photo from Funki Pizzikaya

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273 Xavierville Ave cor Katipunan Ave, The Pop Up Katipunan, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Delgado 112

What once was one of the oldest houses in Tomas Morato is now Delgado 112, a restaurant serving some of the best Filipino-Spanish dishes in the area. Take a friend or a significant other to Delgado on a date and try the pork belly and bone marrow sisig while sipping on wine and cocktails.

Photo from Delgado 112

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Hashi Donburi

Longing for a Japanese izakaya experience but don’t want to travel? Head to Hashi Donburi for a similar yet affordable experience. Try different hand-rolled sushi, fresh sashimi, and filling donburi while you drink Japanese sake.

Photo from Booky

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139 Mother Ignacia Ave, Mother Ignacia, Diliman, Quezon City,

The Streetpub Katipunan

Another student-friendly bar in Pop Up, the Streetpub Katipunan offers many activities for groups of friends to try aside from drinking. From classic cocktails like weng weng to Korean bar chow everything is sulit and worth every penny!

Photo from The Streetpub Katipunan

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Xavierville Ave cor Katipunan Ave, The Pop Up Katipunan, Katipunan, Loyola Heights, Quezon City


Titos and titos-at-heart definitely know that Salamangka is the go-to bar in Eastwood. Popular since they first started college, it has survived the pandemic and remains a favorite. This Eastwood bar is most known for its cocktails using unique ingredients like chili, dried mango, and even bell pepper.

Photo from Salamangka

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Eastwood Ave, Eastwood Citywalk 1, Bagumbayan, Quezon City

225 Bistro

One of the most popular restaurant bars in the past year, 225 Bistro is known to be a great restaurant by day serving Italian classics and an even better party destination at night with great DJ sets and refreshing alcoholic beverages.

Photo from 225 Bistro

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225 Katipunan Ave, Katipunan, Project 4, Quezon City

Ukiyo Tavern

Located under the legendary Walrus Bar in Katipunan, Ukiyo is definitely an underrated bar that people drinking in Katipunan should try. They serve really good cocktails specifically their amaretto sour, called the sumo sour, and Sapporo mule.

Photo from Ukiyo Tavern

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2/F, 318 Katipunan Ave, Katipunan, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Ralyoz Drinkery + Lounge

Perfect for the mature crowd, Ralyoz Drinkery + Lounge is quieter than most bars where partying really is the priority. At Ralyoz enjoy the company of friends and family while dining on classic Pinoy food from salpicao to stir-fried squid, sisig, and more!

Photo from RalyoZ Drinkery + Lounge

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25 Sct Rallos St, Scout Rallos, Laging Handa, Quezon City

H&T Wine Gallery

Perfect for the titas and titas-at-heart, H&T Wine Gallery offers great wine and even better food pairings for the wine to elevate the experience. Try different charcuteries, cheese plates, and hot tapas at the H&T Wine Gallery!

Photo from H&T Wine Gallery

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24 KD cor K-1st, Kamuning, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Mantra Indian Kitchen & Bar

A perfect date night spot for foodies looking to explore new flavors, Mantra Indian Kitchen & Bar offers everything from classic Indian curries to modern renditions of beloved South Asian dishes. Pair this up with cocktails like martinis, margaritas, and more for a fun time.

Photo from Mantra

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2/F, Mindanao Ave, Ayala Malls Vertis North, Bagong Pag-Asa, Quezon City

Cue Bar and Billiards

Synonymous with inumans, Cue Bar is the place to go for a couple of rounds of billiards. Play for fun or bet a round of drinks for some added stakes, and leave Cue Bar with loads of core memories! We recommend trying the crispy tenga, streetballs platter, and sisig.

Photo from Cue Bar and Billiards

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