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Alt Scoops since its conception in 2021, has become one of the premium options for non-dairy ice cream that doesn’t compromise on quality or taste.

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They have been long known for their low-calorie pints that are specially made with oat milk—giving it that rich and creamy flavor and texture like regular ice cream.

alt pops by alt scoops
Photo from Alt Scoops

Soon after their release of multiple flavor concoctions, with even sugar-free options to try, they now have come out with three equally decadent ice cream bars of their bestselling flavors.

alt pops cappuccino crunch, oat milk, strawberry
Photo from Alt Scoops

The three flavors in question are Oat Milk, Strawberry, and Cappucino Crunch. Imagine Alt Scoops’s creamy, just-the-right-amount-of-sweet oat milk ice cream wrapped in a perfectly THICCC and crispy chocolate shell comprised of Auro’s 64% Dark Couverture Chocolate and you get the new Alt Pops!

alt pops packaging
Photo from Alt Scoops
alt pops box packaging
Photo from Alt Scoops

The Oat Milk is a decadent yet simple combination of oat milk dipped in Auro’s award-winning couverture 64% dark chocolate for a perfectly thick and crisp outer shell. 

alt pops oat milk
Photo from Alt Scoops

Just like their OG pints, the Alt Pops Strawberry is composed of freshly and locally sourced Cordillera strawberries. Each one is harvested by hand when perfectly ripe. Perfectly captured in each stick.  

alt pops strawberry
Photo from Alt Scoops

Last but not the least, The Cappucino Crunch has smooth flavors from Italian Arabica Espresso beans, but with a kick. Creamy but with a crunch of Auro’s award-winning couverture 64% dark chocolate and almonds.

alt pops cappuccino crunch
Photo from Alt Scoops

Each Alt Pops popsicle costs ₱150 and also comes in the cutest packaging. You can order directly from their website at or find them on GrabFood at selected locations.

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