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Alt Scoops since its conception in 2021, has become one of the premium options for non-dairy ice cream that doesn’t compromise on quality or taste.

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They have been long known for their low-calorie pints that are specially made with oat milk—giving it that rich and creamy flavor and texture like regular ice cream.

alt scoops low-calorie dairy-free non-dairy ice cream pints oat milk swirl choco hazelnut dark chocolate burnt caramel cookie butter dark mocha strawberry cappuccino crunch
Photo from @alt.scoops

Soon after their release of multiple flavor concoctions, with even sugar-free options to try, they also came out with equally decadent ice cream bars of their bestselling flavors.

alt pops cappuccino crunch, oat milk, strawberry
Photo from Alt Scoops

We first could only enjoy them by ordering online but have later on spotted them at our favorite bazaars and pop-ups. Now, we’re thrilled to announce that they have officially opened their first-ever physical store at The Podium!

alt scoops the podium mall
Photo from @alt.scoops
alt scoops stall the podium mall
Photo from @thepodiummall

There, you can find your favorite non-dairy ice cream in all forms! Whether in the form of pints, cones, cups, or pops, Alt Scoops The Podium is your go-to for your ice cream fix.

alt scoops soft serve
Photo from @alt.scoops

Alt Scoops is located at 2/F The Podium Mall.

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